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Quick Reference Guide - Common Interview Question Response Frameworks (Printable!)

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Have the ideal response frameworks, for any interview question, right in front of you!

Accelerate your interview prep by learning the frameworks, and have them in front of you as a safety blanket in your virtual interviews!

My digital course First Round Ready (get it here) will teach you everything you need to know to pass a first-round interview. This printable takes all of the response frameworks that I teach in the course, and puts them on one printable reference that you can use to accelerate your mastery of the frameworks, or have in front of you as a backup in case you experience a dreaded Interview Blackout.

What's in the Quick Reference

Step-by-step structured response frameworks for the 5 most common types of interview questions:

  • Pure Behavioral
  • Situational Behavioral
  • Theoretical Behavioral
  • "Tell me About Yourself"
  • "Why do you Want to Work Here?" (or "Why do you want this job?" or "Why should I hire you?"), you get invited to the Dream Job Ready community to network with other job seekers, find peers to practice interviews (and use these frameworks), and ask/answer job search questions.

What Others are Saying

"This reference sheet is my secret to interview confidence! I used it to prepare for my interviews during coaching sessions and peer mocks. And I had it right in front of me for my big interview (printed and as my desktop wallpaper to be sure). It's basically the cost of buying a coffee, so it was a no-brainer for me."

G.D., First Round Ready customer, Amazon Operations PgM

"I attribute my success in landing TPM jobs at both Google and Amazon to using Coach Erika's tools and frameworks."

-- V.S., L6 TPM at Google

"Cracking a PM role in a top tech company needs 90% of your own hard work, but you can get there faster with the right context, tools, and frameworks. I am lucky to have found Coach Erika. Her approach was the key to cracking my first round interview and eventually landing my dream job at Google."

-- K.B., L5 PM at Google

"The knowledge/expertise Erika has is mind-blowing! Coach Erika finally helped me crack behavioral interviews. Now I don't worry about what they are going to ask, because I have a framework for any behavioral question.

Thanks to this course, I was able to land a Sr. Software Engineering job at a tech company that I truly admire. Highest ROI investment of my career. :)"

-- G.S., Sr. Software Engineer (at a FinTech Unicorn)

"Coach Erika's tools, and frameworks helped me focus and quickly prep for the first round with Apple. I passed with flying colors, and then I ended up hiring Erika for 1:1 coaching before my Final Rounds, to polish my stories and solidify my use of the frameworks -- and BOOM! I got a product management job at Apple. Don't hesitate! Anything she's offering is high quality and will improve your odds."

D.L., Apple Retail Sr. PM

About me (Coach Erika)

My mission is to help 10 million people land their dream jobs.

As a hiring manager at Big Tech and unicorn startups, I've conducted thousands of First-Round interviews. In November '20, I became an interview coach.

My candidates were scoring offers left and right, with 93% of them landing their dream jobs after as few as 3-5 sessions with me.

The word got out, and I was soon overwhelmed by hundreds of candidates asking for my help 1:1. That's when I decided to package my tools and frameworks and make them available to more people.

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Interview Question Response Frameworks Quick Reference Guide

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Quick Reference Guide - Common Interview Question Response Frameworks (Printable!)

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