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New Job Ramp-up Plan and Checklist - Set Yourself Up for Success on Day 1

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Set yourself up for success starting on Day 1 using the proven ramp-up techniques that work for high-performing, fast promoted employees.

You don't start a new job every day, and you shouldn't have to figure it out on your own.

Use this checklist to kick off the first 30 days with proven approaches to win over your manager and peers and get you on the career fast-track. By the end of the first month, you'll be prepared to propose your first quarter priorities with up-to-date information that demonstrates your strategic capabilities and sets you up for long term success on the job.

What's in the Checklist

Tasks by day, week, and month that will set you up for success by:

  • Building a high-trust relationship with your manager
  • Making a positive first impression with 5-10 key peers
  • Gathering data and insights that will inform your future on-the-job growth
  • Establishing a cadence of managing up that will get you noticed by execs (and make your manager love you for making them the bearer of good news)

You can read more about my guidelines and philosophy for ramping up on a new job in The Career Whispers issue #19.

About me (Coach Erika)

My mission is to help 10 million people land their dream jobs.

As a hiring manager at Big Tech and unicorn startups, I've conducted thousands of First-Round interviews. In November '20, I became an interview coach.

My candidates were scoring offers left and right, with 93% of them landing their dream jobs after as few as 3-5 sessions with me.

The word got out, and I was soon overwhelmed by hundreds of candidates asking for my help 1:1. That's when I decided to package my tools and frameworks and make them available to more people.

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New Job Ramp Playbook and Checklist


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New Job Ramp-up Plan and Checklist - Set Yourself Up for Success on Day 1

4 ratings
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