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First Round Ready

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Every job offer starts with passing the first round interview.

Learn how to tell powerful career stories, pass your first round, and unlock your final rounds — in less than one week.

Why me

I've taught hundreds of people how to interview exceptionally and land their dream jobs, including major roles at Google, Amazon, Uber, and Apple -- with a 93% success rate.

What you'll unlock

This ~70 minute course covers my highly targeted interview prep system for successful First Round interviews. This course will unlock your ability to:

Tell Better Career Stories. Easily store and access high-resolution career stories that demonstrate your max capabilities.

Answer Any Behavioral Question. Respond to virtually any interview question thrown your way using a powerful and reliable response framework.

"Tell me About Yourself." Craft a strategic, compelling career story that converts interviewers into champions in <2 minutes.

"Why do you want to work here?" Answer why you want this job at this company / in this role / on this team (and perhaps even make your interviewer want to hire you on the spot!)

Formulate high-signal questions for interviewers. Stand out head and shoulders from other candidates with thoughtfully formulated end-of-interview questions that get you the intel you need, too. it comes with a Quick Wins companion workbook so you can quickly start converting your learnings into practice. the Top 33 Interview Questions to help you get started!

This course is a steal.

This course distills a set of proven, highly effective tools and frameworks honed over 1200 hours of 1:1 coaching with 137 unique candidates, 93% of whom landed their dream jobs.

This course represents what would take ~8 coaching sessions for me to teach you 1:1.

To give you an idea of how much this course is a deal, my current 1-hour 1:1 coaching rate is $475 (see here). This course packs in $3800 worth of coaching value!!!

Get the results you want. It's a no-brainer.

What Others are Saying

"I attribute my success in landing TPM jobs at both Google and Amazon to these tools and frameworks. This course takes all of the expertise that Erika teaches in her 1:1 coaching and makes it available for 1/100th of the cost. I very strongly recommend that you stop searching the internet and buy this course."

-- V.S., L6 TPM at Google

"Cracking a PM role in a top tech company needs 90% of your own hard work, but you can get there faster with the right context, tools, and frameworks. I am lucky to have found Erika's course. This course was the key to cracking my first round interview and eventually land my dream job at Google."

-- K.B., L5 PM at Google

"The knowledge/expertise Erika shares in this course is mind-blowing! This course finally helped me crack behavioral interviews. It not only helped me structure my responses to challenging behavioral questions, but also helped me tell my work stories in ways that made me feel insanely impressive!

Thanks to this course, I was able to land a Sr. Software Engineering job at a tech company that I truly admire. I'd absolutely recommend this course, highest ROI investment of my career. :)"

-- G.S., Sr. Software Engineer (at a FinTech Unicorn)

"Before taking this course, I was completely stuck. I failed literally a dozen first round interviews, including Google, Etsy, Paypal, Spotify, and more. I couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong. I found this course and was immediately unblocked.

The course is no frills, straight to the point, and truly eye-opening. The workbooks helped me focus and quickly prep for the first round with Apple. I passed with flying colors, and then I ended up hiring Erika for 1:1 coaching before my Final Rounds, to polish my stories and solidify my use of the frameworks -- and BOOM! I got a product management job at Apple. Don't hesitate!"

D.L., Apple Retail Sr. PM


Who is this course for?

  • Anyone with a First-Round interview coming up, even if it's in just 2-3 days, even if you're already fairly confident.
  • If you've been struggling to pass a First-Round interview, this course will help you diagnose and fix what you're doing wrong.

Will this prepare me for a technical screen?

  • No, this course is not going to teach you technical skills.
  • But it will teach you how to access detailed technical examples for behavioral questions, as well as effective communication around technical complexity and technical achievements.

Do I need to listen to the full course? Can I just dive into the workbook?

  • I strongly suggest watching the full course before diving into the workbooks.

Will this prepare me for 2nd or Final Round interviews?

  • Much of what I teach in the course will apply to Final Round interviews as well (for example, how to tell your career story, how to Walk Down Memory Lane, how to answer behavioral interview questions, and how to formulate questions for your interviewers)
  • However, final round interviews tend to involve role-specific questions that this course doesn’t cover.
  • Look out for future courses from me that cover Final Round interview prep for PMs, TPMs, PgMs, Project Managers, and more.

What if I’m having a hard time even getting a First Round Interview?

  • If you are struggling to get a First Round interview, it’s usually a resume problem (ie if you aren't even getting initial screens or recruiter screens). If so, the Career Storytelling part of this course may help you tremendously.
  • If you're struggling to pass a recruiter / HR screen to get invited to a first round, it's usually a career storytelling problem. If so, the Career Storytelling part of this course may help you tremendously.
  • You may additionally need to engage a coach to convert your career story into a resume that matches your career goals and strategy.

About the instructor (Coach Erika)

My mission is to help 10 million people land their dream jobs.

As a hiring manager at Big Tech and unicorn startups, I've conducted thousands of First-Round interviews. In November of 2020, I became an interview coach.

My candidates were scoring offers left and right, with 93% of them landing their dream jobs after as few as 3-5 sessions with me. The word got out, and I was soon overwhelmed by hundreds of candidates asking for my help 1:1. That's when I decided to create this course.

Many of the candidates that I work with eventually share back to me that they feel like this interview prep course not only showed them how to tell their career stories and land the job -- it also taught them how to think: more clearly, with greater structure and clarity.

Connect with me (and get free tips, advice, and tools)

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First Round Ready

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